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Wilo Stratos Pumps are variable speed inline circulator pumps. With global energy in higher and higher demand, Wilo, again rising to the challenges of the future today, introduced the first Stratos high efficiency circulators in 2001. The Stratos was the first circulator pump to earn a European Energy Efficiency classification of “A,” the highest classification. Compared to other models, the Stratos saves 80 percent more energy. The Stratos can save energy at such a high rate because it is a variable speed circulator; users can choose from various control modes depending on desired usage.

Wilo Stratos

The simple to install and easy to use Stratos pumps come in both commercial and residential models. The Wilo Stratos-Z, for example, is designed specifically for use with domestic hot water heaters. Its lead-free, stainless steel construction makes the Stratos-Z perfect for use with domestic water supplies. Like other Wilo Stratos models, the Stratos-Z has a simple front facing control panel with an adjustable LED view screen. The Stratos-Z is able to be programmed depending on usage, ensuring a maximum energy savings.

The Wilo Stratos-D, on the other hand, is the perfect installation or commercial use. The Stratos-D has up to six available interface modules, making it perfect for industrial applications. Also available on the Stratos-Z models, the Stratos-D offers electronic overload protection to keep the circulation pump operating even if there is a voltage spike. Another great feature of the Stratos line is the ability to install or retrofit the units with wireless controllers so the units can be adjusted from a secondary location.